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Who I am
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To help you

reach your dreams.

At the dawn of my fortieth birthday, my professional career (already) allowed me to acquire varied skills in many fields that I wish to benefit the largest audience.

Adaptation and versatility


Let's say that I love to learn, that I am interested in a lot of different things and that I never stop exploring this fascinating world in which we all evolve as best we can.

No matter the environment, expectations and countries, I have always known how to adapt and observe. Allong the way, I graduated in computer graphics (2004) and sexology (UQAM, 2007) and got a diploma in clinical sexology from the Académie du Sexocorporel Desjardins (2008).

But nothing will ever replace my long experience to support all those I have met over the years.

The path is just as important as the goal we look to achieve. What is the point of getting what we always wanted if we lost so much on the way?

I have been working for over 13 years to improve the psychosocial and sexual well-being of the women and men who put their trust on me.

In addition to my sexological consultations, I work for social community organizations for which I am in charge of socio-professional integration programs. My experiences have allowed me to actively help people who experience economic, social and school dropout, drug addiction, marginalization, risk taking, violence in relationship, early parenting, among others.

Effective solutions

So, no matter what keeps you from being fully happy, contact me. I will listen to you and find effective solutions to help you.

The modern world is becoming more and more complex. Depending on living environments, cultures, religions, social and parental models, everyone forms their own opinion and approaches to face the hazards of life.

Faced with the loss of bearings linked to many factors, the simple fact of decentring oneself and having an outside person who is well trained to answer questions and propose concrete solutions, makes it possible to improve many situations.

Looking forward to helping you!

Benjamin Aïm

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